Many people wonder what a white assembly is and what the work involves. Simply put, it is installing a kitchen or bathroom faucet, installing a bathtub, a sink, a sink, a bidet and laying ceramic tiles. For this purpose, professional joints, silicones, gaskets and insulating tapes are used. The selection of materials and devices is not the easiest task. It must be remembered that a correctly carried out white assembly is very important for two reasons. First, it determines the final appearance of the room, and secondly it affects the safety and comfort of using sanitary facilities. For this reason, work associated with this is best outsourced to a professional construction team. Their experience and knowledge will make all the installed accessories work efficiently for many years.


The white installation of the bathroom faucet in the first place consists in matching the batteries to the water supply pipes. For example, if the pipes are below the washbasin, you should buy a standing faucet, and in case they are above the sanitary unit, wall-mounted batteries must be used. Then, using a proper nut, the battery is fixed in prepared holes, which are located, for example, in a wash basin or a bathtub. Finally, the cables are connected to the appropriate plumbing system and a leak test is carried out. It consists in gradually letting out a small and then a larger stream of water. If the water does not leak, the work can be considered well done.

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